Thursday, 19 January 2017

Delicious Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

The Story
Everyone always says the best way to start your day is with a healthy, filling breakfast. Right? I bet you've all heard that countless times. But in actual reality finding something to have for breakfast everyday that is tasty and keeps you full until lunch is hard.
A few months ago I began making smoothies in the nutribullet for breakfast. They were tasty, and filled me right until lunch, or when I could have some fruit at school.

Just last week, when Abi was over at my house, we were flipping through a women's weekly smoothies and juices book, trying to find something that looked like it would taste ok and didn't involve us riding all the way to the shops in the already sweltering heat. It wasn't easy, and we were all the way at the back of the book, past all the smoothies and juices without finding anything. Then Abi suggested we look through the smoothie bowl section, and we did. Finding an amazing recipe, that went by the name of Acai Berry Bowl.

We quickly scanned through the ingredients. Frozen banans  (see end of post if you don't like bananas), that didn't look too promising. But, the universe was on our side, because  an inspection of my freezer revealed a bag of frozen bananas.  Reading further down the list there were some things we didn't have, acai berries for one, and bee pollen?? Still at a loss for what exactly that is. Goji berries....all the 'superfoods' that sounded a bit weird.

Anyway, we made a list, and my mum saved us and drove us to the shop. We searched, with no luck, for bee pollen. But after a quick scan quickly spotted the dried goji berries we were after. We also found acai berry powder, but decided that nothing could be worth $20aud for 50g, not even if it was a super food.

Returning home, we began the process of adapting the recipe to suit our slightly different list of ingredients. Finally we manged to create a remarkably similar looking breakfast to the one in the book, considering we had left a few things out. Here is the recipe...

The Best Breakfast Ever Recipe (except maybe pancakes)
For smoothie:
1xMedium frozen banana (or you could use bits of frozen banana adding up to about 150-200g)
75g frozen blueberries
25g frozen raspberries
140g natural yogurt, we used 5am natural, no added sugar yogurt.

To Garnish (these can be changed to suit you)
Handful of raspberries (fresh)
Handful of blueberries (fresh)
Handful of blackberries (fresh)
Goji berries* (if you wish)

1.Break frozen banana in two, and place in blender (we used a thermomix)
2.Add the rest of the smoothie ingredients.
3.Blend- for thermomix we did 1min 30sec, speed 4.5. In the blender just blend until combined and has a thick texture.
4.Scoop/pour into bowl
5.Decorate with garnish ingredients

*You can include goji berries if you wish, but we would recommend not using dried ones. Abi claims they feel like you are chewing and swallowing chewing gum, and they have a funny after-taste.

These smoothie bowls we amazing, they kind of tasted like ice-cream. (And don't worry if you don't like banana, I don't especially. You can barely taste it.) If you somehow manage to find a tastier smoothie bowl, make sure you let us know. We will both want to try it.

Enjoy this recipe, breakfast is now my favourite meal of the day!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Summer Nights

 It's summertime. December, Janurary and Feburary are the months of early morning walks, late nights, endless bbq's, swimmming, holidays and heat. One of my favourite parts of summer are the evenings...just before the sun goes down. Everything is so peaceful, warm- but not too hot, and calming. When I get the time I love going for a walk around this time of day. Whenever I go to the beach I try and make sure it is a daily occurance.
A few weeks ago, Abi and I went for a late evening walk, wandering the streets. We did almost get rained on, but it was still really relaxing and enjoyable. I've been playing around with the photos we took on that night, and here are my results. Enjoy, and don't forget to leave your thoughts below.

Monday, 9 January 2017


a quick painting i did last week. sorry for just a photo post but something big coming tomorrow.

xxx abi

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Post-Christmas Shopping

Wow, the past few weeks have completely flown by, and it is already January! Last week, Abi and I went to the shops and I went a second time with my mum. Just after Christmas the shops have crazy sales, and I like to try and spend any Christmas vouchers or money during these sales. Today I have some images of the things that I got...
Bag from Sportsgirl 
Calendar from Kikki.k
A Seed Shirt, from Myer

A denim skirt, from cotton on

Did you get anything in the after-christmas/boxinbg day sales?